Piyush Dharnidharka

WebGL Developer:

I am a full-stack web developer working exclusively on WebGL projects. In addition to a solid background in Applied Mathematics from IIT Kanpur, I care about design and have a strong understanding of layout, responsiveness and user experience. My latest work has been in three.js for demos in US, Russia and UAE but I'm always open to new frameworks and believe that the technology should suit the project. I enjoy learning new languages, frameworks and technologies related to processing and visualizing content in 3D and have atleast an intermediate expertise in OpenCV, PCL (Point Cloud Library), Blender, TinkerCAD and Fusion360.

3D Printing Enthusiast:

I've always been a tinkerer. Having assembled my own 3D printer, I use it to test designs generated from my algorithms. Currently, I'm working on a side project to generate 3D faces from images using morphable models and then print these models in high quality.

Piyush Dharnidharka